Where is God

How far, must you drive?

Where does God reside? Are you making a mistake by driving, just like all those corporate CEOs to get stimulus money - Corporate jets or is that greed?

How did God get there? Is he a he? Who is God? Do you want to be God? Are His instructions written in a book for you to read and follow. Why would God take the time to write you a book when He can just put it in your head, heart... Think about shit? Did he write for any other animals? Why do you keep looking in a book?

Why all the discussion, unless God is not in you?

Now, what do "they" want you to believe? Is that so you may believe he is not in me? Do you feel obligated to save me? Do you believe it, are you afraid to admit truth? Who do you need to tell you the truth? Searching and never find, do you understand why not. You are what and who you create.

What does your God say? Is he love? Who does he say to love? Then why all the conditions to love?

My only obligation is to share is love. And that is what I'm doing here.

I strongly suggest you forget all that crooked bullshit you've been taught and listen to the God in you before, if it is not too late. He does know and you know.

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