Seven Miles

Why seven miles? Are they forever gone?

Are we building up or tearing down? How do you feel about that? Which do you prefer? What are your limitations?

Things come to me and I think about them. When I do some interesting stuff is revealed to me. Then I begin to understand why, why we take so much for granted these days.

It's like the more we get, the less you do? And here's a new one for you, the more we do, the less we accomplish. The more we do, the less time we have. Is it is supposed to be?

7 Miles

Shows how we waste valuable time. Seven miles, no sweat, but what am I getting in return?

Seven miles is seven miles, until you think about them. Are things getting closer or further away? If you say closer then you ain’t paying attention. If your say not closer, but we’re getting faster, then you are beginning to realize what’s really going on. Are we suppose to be that fast?

Seven miles in any cardinal direction isn’t far these days? Distance wise, roughly 37,000 feet, just around the corner isn’t it? Seven miles because long distance flights fly at an altitude of approximately 36,000 feet, 900 mph. What does it cost to be able to do that? Are the costs worth the return? What must you do to make the costs balance out?

The thought of walking, the endurance, the gas… If you had to walk, you probably wouldn’t go. Remember the saying, If the creek don’t rise…?

Watch your language change when I mention seven miles straight up and even more so when I mention seven miles straight down. How many people ever go seven miles straight down?

Think about that the next time you drive seven plus miles. How people a ways back did more with less? Now, you drive seven miles like it is nothing and for nothing, get there and can hardly get out of the auto. Why waste valuable time like that?

Some can build, but most just tear up or down, when given a chance. Know for what you are living, be conscious of what it takes to get you there and as always, live in the moment.

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