A good Black Man and a good Black Woman

Does she ever think/dream about having her own or is she just another plant in the system?

A real dark skinned Black Man to a real dark skinned Black Woman, do they ever stand a chance in America?

GERONIMO!!! remember that word being popular, just before allowing something to fall..like the word TIMBER? I think on the American Indians, will we ever have a chance to experience all that glorious living causing the Pilgrims to stay? No, no love and respect for a people and their ways.

So what exactly are we, peaceful Indians or BOLD WARRIORS? It was the slaughter of his family that turned him from a peaceful Indian into a bold warrior. So what happens now that our families have been destroyed? Was yours spared? why?

Never mind my title, but if the shoe fits and we must come together. The Black Man is suffering from something and we have just given up and gone on. Do we really want him to know that he is Black, why not? Superior and inferior to what? What exactly does history say?

Black men, in America have had well more than their share of put downs, why is that? They have been silenced and quietly ignored. So for just what are they quietly being ignored? Are you tired of hearing them complain? Why don't we take him at his word, just like any other person, instead of his color?

What is a good Black Man? Who feeds him? As I look around the cream of the crop Black Men, in church, in leadership positions, in family and myself, I attempt to understand why. Have we too mastered the game of the double standard system? Others would say he is of a rebellious nature, angry and has nothing. After all these years of abuse, The Black Man still owns nothing in America and is not known for being the head of his housewhole. So just what is a good Black Man, he is a man just like any man who wants his own. So why is the good Black Man suffering? He has been defeated where it matters most, at home and family.

What is a good Black Woman? Most Black Men would say she is pretty, fine and gives him good loving. Is that a trap? She has been taught that the man she needs is inferior to the good of our societal values, because we have never honored family values. How could you when you came directly out of slavery? His own people have turned against him and again, his freedom has been stripped away!

Does anyone give any real credence to what a good Black Man has to say? Who consults with him about major decisions, family, community, state, nation? Where will he build the next damn to power his passions? What stores target his business? What government bails him out, or helps him get established? What woman helps him get his own? Who has the power to help a Good Black Man get his own?

Family values? How does he go to his oppressor and ask for a JOB? Should he? What does that say to the oppressor? Family values, most Black Women do not care because all they want is MONEY and they will do whatever the oppressor says to get it, including education. Would you approach a Black Man for a job? Would you invest in his cause? Would you put your money in his bank? His credit card? Instead of giving him a fish, why not teach him how to fish?

The cream of the crop Black Man, does he even know he is Black? Is he helping the plight of the Black Man or further putting him away?

Well, it is the same with the Good Cream of the Crop Black Woman, she wants a god fearing, church going Black Man with a job? My question to you is, What does any of that have to do with having your own? So to where have all those good jobs gone? Has the church made a positive difference? Who is responsible? Now, Black Women alone are raising Black Men, has it gotten better or worse?

One put-down has lead to another and we are slowly but surely losing respect, consequently destroying ourselves, along with our oppressor? Why would we want to be like them? Their education, their values? It is what it is and the truth shall set you free! Now, can you better see, we started it all out wrong? There will never be any respect and love for a good Black Man, until you decide to give it.

Black women are so busy working for their oppressor, who depicts other people as inferior. Black women, have learned to put themselves above the lowest Black Man, all the time knowing, not one of us is better than the least of us. They do not have time to see, encourage or assist their partners in having their own, it is all for becoming an integral part of an already corrupt system and society. Does she ever think of anything other than her self? How did she have all those children? Why? Having your own is the only way to have anything together.

Help better our economy by helping Good Black Men have their own. Does not mean you have to be prejudice, but understand it is time for a change. Good Black Men need their own, just like any other and it all starts at home with Love and Respect.

Last but not least, It is not because of how smart they are, but how dumb and stupid we allow ourselves to be treated. --- your inner voice

Do you know the real enemy? Do you know the real liars, cheaters and abusers? Is that why you keep allowing yourself to be? Get in the spirit, ask Apache Chief Geronimo? In actuality, which is far from reality, nothing has changed and it has nothing to do with Black and White?

There has got to be a better way!

(((your inner voice.com)))

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