Hurry and Wait

Why do we put all these pressures on ourselves? Are you aware of your own strength?

Hurry up and Wait seems to be my story and my song and I am about sick and tired of it, Are YOu?

Have you ever been so impatient, I mean real important shit, you just could not wait until it ended? Why me? Then, when it does finally happen, you just cannot believe. When you do come back to your senses, you celebrate, trying to take it all in.

Why cannot we all just get along? Why cannot we go and grow together? What would be the disadvantages and the advantages? Which would out weigh the other? Is that mission impossible?

Why is everything possible for one small group while the mass majority is always, Hurry Up and Wait? Jobs, good health, they are all coming back, When?

Is it because we are not willing to give up what we want to get what we need? Are we on the right track?

How many times should we eat in a day, then why are there so many other people who only eat one time a day? Is it because we are smarter or more greedy than they? Are they more or less healthy than we?

What about our SPIRITUALITY, are we really loyal, faithful believers or is it all show-n-tell? So, if you had a little peek into our future, exactly what would you see?

Our quest for time and aggression is killing us, so what's killing them? One person says put all your energy and effort into it and another says use as little force as is necessary.

Add energy to the flow of good. I think of compassion and understanding and envision each one of us moving confidently through our day. I am grateful when I remember you in my prayers.

I just want a farm so I can do all those beautiful things. I can be the man! Stay tuned and I am going to come up with something else.

Where ever there is a will, there is a way!

(((your inner

A good Black Man and a good Black Woman?

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