I wish I could write? hOW does it feel to talk shit? Some people think religion is boring, empty, hypocrital, unrealistic, fantasy, in the way, lying asses and before me, I agreed.

I found myself talking with myself about myself. So I said, I am going to be different,,,to hell with the rest, but in order to save my own ass, I am going to be different.

I do not want to be an old ass man, just talking stupid shit. No, reverse physchology! I do not want to act like I ain't getting no pussy! A pussy is a pussy I do not care whose legs it's between and then, we want to rate shit, x,xx,xxx, so what x are we? Why do we give such meaning to such words. You say you do not like rap music, but you will listen to a lying ass Preacher all day long? What about a politician, doctor, that is real funny, an old man that does not want any pussy? We believe in Santa, but we will not, well, we pretty-up the truth, using fancy words to hide the real meaning. That's my point. Then we have the ardacity to consider ourselves more intellectual than before. Think about that for a moment: What are our requirements to become a young man or lady?

Priests screwing little boys. Nuns beating the shit out of them? Christians lying ---ask the Indians. We just keep covering up shit. Catholics, will you give me a break?

Then, they look a me like I am stupid, now can you see why i write like this? Either way you are doomed, so why doom yourself? Prison overcrowed, jobless rate high, crazy asses running banks, corrupt asses running the country? Persoanlly, they are not crazy, but when they do their jobs they act crazy. You see they have to dress up and act like their doing their jobs, which is more important than your job? Is your politician more important than you, does he or she have more than, do you understand why.

It is not a problem, unless you don't understand that. Why do you need someone you don't even know to represent you? They don't have the same cultural background, plus if you are apart of an opressed, minority group,,,they look even more down on you. Do you know how many years it took for white folk living in America to face that fact? Just is just how backwards we were and not long ago.

No, I cannot whip all of your asses, but I can tell the truth. Royal wedding, do you remember Princes Di, covering up more shit. When are we going to get serious? Stop riding those stupid Polo Ponies and get yourself a real job. Try going without a car for twenty years. I much rather see you do that than I would to see you go to hell.

Do all good people go to hell? Which do you prefer? See how stupid we, stupid is as stupid does. When I get paid, I am going STFU, until then, I am going to tell all.

Is it worth it to kill a person for telling the truth? Another stupid ass or stupid ass question. Why did "they" kill and have kill Martin Luther King? Remember, we are just talking shit, real shit.

(((your inner

Do you really want to see everybody HAPPY! Why don't we all have a Royal Wedding? Yes, commemorating or something like that, you figure the rest out, but on the day they get married well we all do that.......One stimpulation, YOU HAVE GOT TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE WIFE! fOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF .... Men get to legally have more than one wife! try it just for a day.

See how many takers? We survey everything else. Boy, that would save a lot of marriages. Every Priest caught molesting young boys, well treat them like slaves. The Pope has to hand them over, because the people are smarther than him and we ain't tolerating it any more. Why does the Pope keep dismissing these kind of activities. He can condone/condemn anything or place in the world, so why does he keep dismissing these sick ass criminal minded child molesters! I am talking about smart folks, not stupid asses? We are tired of hearing about "PUNK ASS PRIESTs", I AM AND I DEMAND IT STOP? Talking about rap music? That is the way i feel every time I hear about an adult male taking advantage of any adolescent.

People need to speak up and put the fear of God into these type of violations? How can a man be a man with punk asses around?

No, you must not get violent, but learn how to keep your cool. You always want to whip somebody's ass, slavery is a testimony. Why did not you condemn that? Anybody, but your own? Turn around and kick your own self right square in the ass. I know you can do it.

okay... Don't tell nobody Art told you the truth here. Admit, Confess and save your own ass. Art at your inner

I am going to tell a story about some FBI Agents one stay tuned. You talking about funny, I just about...Now, tell me I do not know God. You know!

(((your inner voice)))

Then you hide them!

Magnesium strikers

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