magnesium fire striker

mag fire starter

All it takes is one spark, but how many strikes?

How can you test it and give it back?

What's happening here? What I'm saying, is people are in danger, perhaps die, I don't know for sure.

People buy and sell equipment and don't test it, including companies. And with the internet that and the potential for being scammed is greater and growing. There are many good people here, but there are a few who embellish, do not know, tell a lie, just to get you to buy something you are not. It is not what you want nor is it what you are being lead to believe it is. I made a $500 contribution to "old Frank Garon, Internet Guru". They tell you what they think you want to hear or as little as they want you to know. Any way, Buyers Beware! You get upset at yourself for being so stupid and believe it or not, this guy's scam was able to pass the the Better Business Folk and Pre-Paid Legal.

Why must I buy three, to find the best one? Why don't the best by popular demand popup first? Why do you get 200,000 less than adequate results, to get what you needed in the first place?

Fire starters, why not (((the best sparK))) for your dollar? Why are the cheaper ones so popular...Search Engine Optimization??? MAKE MORE NOISE ABOUT GOOD STUFF! Why do we even have a Better Business Bureau? What are the best autos? Remember when a man's word was his bond? Why did we leave out women?

You would think these SMART people WERE really up and on top of their game, especially for as long as they have been at it,,,but the art of taking people's money is getting to be pretty popular these days. Is it getting better or worse? Looks like "if" they were doing their jobs better, there would be LESS scams going around. In a sense, they themselves are a scam, large organizations paid good money for nothing, well in my case and for too many others. Credibility to the people is why they were created and now?

Interesting peice and example on Magnesium Fire Starters. I do not know, but I have two. I thought they would do what I wanted. level 1

level 2- However, I did not think about wet conditions,,,no matches or lighter but what about conditions? Which fire starter works best in less than desirable conditions....rain? Well, a fire is hard enough to start in the best dry conditions!

Now, I wished I had visited this website before hand. If you are talking survival, disaster relief, always being prepared,,,would not you want the ultimated fire starter device. Would you like to know what it is?

Some companies make gear that does not work, and apparently don't care about that. Which companies make the best gear for the price and people?

So where do you get the magnesium bars and how do you make a fire in wet conditions?

Magnesium Firestarter, No Knife!

A nano stryker and once you dig some fatwood out of; a stump and shave some fuzz it works better than the mags. Also keep a small wad of steel wool with it in case there is no fatwood to be had. Also a cotton ball with a little pertroleum jelly on it works well.

Now, back to square one, But it can be frustratingly sparse on the sparks when you need it most. I attribute this to the size of the striker in your hands and the small blade. It just feels dainty and it is. Getting a good amount of spark will require much practice and I never felt confident enough to trust it without taking a handy dandy $5 magnesium cheapo along. The cheapo striker showers my tender with sparks with ease. Ferrocerium-Fire-Starter

Check it out the video

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(((your inner

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