Good News Bad News

Good news or bad news, which do you want first.? I want to hear the bad news then I want to here the solution.

It's All About Culture and in order for a culture to survive, they need Good News.

What’s the solution to our mounting problems? Have you noticed good news getting less and less, Problems mounting everywhere? Some are fixated with and spend their entire lives just creating problems.

There is good and bad in everything. So why do we tell good news without the bad and bad news without the good? Isn’t there two sides to every story?

Bad news flourishes. Problems are inevitable, but so are solutions, where is the balance?

We sell bad news and bad news sell - bad news for automakers, banks, oil, small business, corporate greed, homeowners, relationships, people, planet, terrorists, money, food, religion, sex, drugs, alcohol, crime, energy, abuse, violence and finally and no hope in sight. Problems are growing the world or is that ruining it?

What happens when you are hearing more bad news than good? Asphyxiation, people are deprived of what they need. What happens when bad news is more important than good news? People don’t know, danger and deceit sets in and they suffer. Worry, Fear, Stressed out, people are constantly seeking relief. Low self-esteem, they cannot be content thinking, they’re not good enough. No one wants to see you coming.

So what, where are the solutions to all our problems? We have them but people hear so much bad news, they have given up hope and refuse to share. There are isolated pockets, but not nearly enough.

The Good News: Some, but not nearly enough, spend their entire lives “solving problems”. Good news never gets old, it is helpful and right on time, I don’t care how you come about it - creative problem solving. Good news is a problem solver

People are the message.

(((your inner

Thankful, Grateful and in Awe

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