Thankful, Grateful and in Awe

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UNBELIEVABLE news!!! There's nothing worse than a poorly written document...

Just excited to share! Not the SOS you see, depressing you. Do you wonder why they never make it positive?

Why are we always reporting so much Bad news? Is that the way it really is? Who's telling a lie?

So, what is good news? Good news is just that. It's News you need and want to hear, especially when you're depressed.

It's news that uplifs. No matter when you read it, it's always "right on time". That's why I call us STUPID, we're constantly tuning in to "bad news". Bad news ain't never good for you, no matter whose telling it or how much money, education and all that bullshit they have.

Why listen to bad news? People think they're going to get what what they see. As you see all this bad stuff, you start to prepare for the worse.

Why not listen to someone saying something to help us? We've been scammed so many times and mass media can't profit when everyone is cured. So, we need the problems of the world to demand a profit, while who else would report all this bullshit?

This lesson will take you through forever if you are smart enough to learn. Now listen to this: You ain't going to live forever, so why act like it? Why even try it the other way?

There's something strange about people who strive off bad news, there's something seriously wrong when we lose the ability to turn bad news off and positive news on. What happened to two sides of every story?

No matter how bad the news is, there is always a positive side.

Stand shoulder to Shoulder with GIANTS Men and Women of towering faith, of deep commitment to justice, and the courage of their convictions to stand up and say “enough.” If you do nothing else, Encourage them in some kind of way.

When you see a man, especially a woman, boy or girl struggling, lend a helping hand. I too am Thankful, Grateful and in Awe! Thankful for your service, in Awe of your work and grateful for your courage and sacrifice. Because I can't do it alone.

news that uplifts and prepares you for what to come, even with grammatical errors. this is not the only place, but we take great pain and pleasure in being One.

What will we learn at your home or will we just keep acting like we don't make mistakes? Again, there's nothing worse than a poorly written document, so what do you gain from reading their news?

Three great words to carry you through all of life. Better than the daily news, if you believe: Be Thankful, Grateful and in Awe. Thankful for what is received, grateful for the faith to realize it and in awe about the magnificent results when we do.

There's comfort in knowing.

(((Your inner

Peaceful civil disobedience You never should have been disobedient in the first place.


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