Do Good things Come Easy?

Should all good things avoid or skip you? How do you know a good thing? How do you know when we are making progress? You cannot do it alone. Are you skipping me? Can I substitute someone for you? What about if I refused? Would you get mad, pissed off and start talking shit?

Do Good things Come Easy? What does that mean? Why me?

Nobody can write like you feel, but am I the only one? In any kind of way, relationships or otherwise, struggling like hell and knowing it is my own fault? Trials and Tribulations have I many!

You think you have it all under control and making good decisions, but the question remains for who? Then one day you look up and it is all gone? What are you going to do?

What happened, is it my fault? Why do you blame me? Is it because I am right there with you or are you ahead of me?

Have you allowed yourself to get too close to you, too blind too see? Do you give up too soon, like stop taking your antibiotics before the infection is gone? Whatever happened to the thought of, I am no better than you and you no better than me?

Some fight to the death just so you can enjoy, damn. Others say whatever for what they fail to be. They blame others for what they fail to see. Enjoying the comforts of this life depends on what you contribute?

Trials and tribulations must be shared in order to get through safely. Lose focus of the American Dream, then for what is there to fight?? Where are your battle scars?

My best critics and closest friends talk about me like a dog, they are not always happy with me, but that is nothing new? People like that will talk about you too?

They call me by other names, but more important is to which I answer? There are so many things, put downs people can do, eyes, pay..., all to keep you down? Why knock them? Just like you, I am not going to allow that to stop me from doing what I need to do.

Though it might hurt my feelings, I am going on. So if you get a good thing easy, something is wrong. You will not appreciate it and will not have it long. No good things come easy…

USA, divided we stand, united we fall, who does that leave out? Do I not play a vital role in this? If it could be done without you, what would be my purpose? Are you wasting your time by being "here"?

You must let it out, that pressure has to come off of you? Why not me?

(((your inner


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