Moving big OBSTACLES

Accept the fact, it is what it is.

People talk a lot of shit, how they "would do", "wanna do"? How it is your fault for them not doing? Now, I know why our President catch so much hell? We sit around and complain about our conditions, telling each other even more lies, because the average one of us, ain't going to do a damn thing. Don't you know that? Then why do you keep barrowing shit, knocking down and taking time from people who are really trying to make it?

If you really put your mind to it about becoming a college grad, how long would that take you? If you put your mind to it about having the best neighborhood in your country, how long would that take you? Now, that is really something you could effect.

So exactly what would be the reason for seeking higher education, when you keep blocking your own way? How can you do something about other things, when your own things are falling apart? You can take the boy out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the boy.

How can you get over a big obstacle when the little obstacles keep knocking you down? How can you negotiate major obstacles when the minor ones are consuming all your time and energy?

Nobody wants to hear this, but am I telling the truth? Think about shit? How can you become a professional boxer when you cannot box your way out of a paper bag? I am going to refer you to my buddy Tyrone. I hear he's talking about going back into the ring?

You ain’t never had shit and you ain’t never going to have shit and here is why:

If people with shit, keep messing around with people who ain't got shit, what will soon happen?

I have a few people who would like to call themselves friends. However, because of how they come to me, I already know they, they know they ain’t shit. They want to do this, go here, eat that, get a farm together? Plain and simple! When they keep talking to me about what I consider to be little shit? Why talk about the tree cross your road, when your whole damn bridge has been out? That means either they have not seen that their whole bridge is out or they do not think you see? Either way, more stupid shit.

What is going to happen when you need to cross that major bridge? Everything is going wrong in your life, will you ever get there? Why do you keep saying, that is where you are going? More "drunk speak".

They want to borrow this and that, man you don’t even have a pair of pliers. Think about that shit, the subliminal messages you are sending. How can you be a real gangster, and you can’t fix shit? All you know how to do is tear up everything?

You look at all those movies and become delusional. I guess you think you are a magician pulling a rabbit out of the hat. Stop fooling yourself and taking advantage of others, you are pulling everybody around you down.

Learn to carry your own load. And start promoting all those people you go asking for shit!

People do not want to give you credit, they do not want to recognize that you have been there and done that? Instead they would rather make you their excuse. Talk about how you left their ass out. They always want to "take the advantage", but just take a look around and you will see why we are all down.

How do you treat your mama, do you treat other women better? HOw do you treat your man, do you treat other men better?

Why do you create some much stress without relieving none, what do you think “is” going to happen, just because you ain’t never got shit? Is that why more prosperous people distance themselves from your stupid ass? Is that why anything decent seems to escape you? What is true love?

You go to work and act different, you tell them how you move mountains and you help them do the same, but when you get home, you are just like a dead weight. Look around you, you are too sorry to even pick up a piece of paper, yet you say what needs to be done.

You try to get so close to others, thinking they do not see your monkey ass. How can you move major obstacles when the little ones keep knocking you down.

I want to be around people who can help me. If I did not truly love and respect you would I say all of this?

If you cannot pickup 3lbs. how can you pickup 6 lbs? Now, if somebody ask, how do you eat an elephant, it's a whole nother story.

Is it better I do it or is it better we do it together? Can "I"?

(((your inner

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