Good Bye

Good bye to the meaning of good bye.

Compare it!

Do you know how often we say those words? But what do they really mean? Good Bye or Good By, a phrase Used to express an acknowledgment of parting and falls in the category of communicative processes and contents. But what does Good Bye really mean to you?

Some don't like saying good-bye. Oh, my! But I like saying it, And I'm telling you why. Good-Bye means God be with you, Until we meet again, bye-bye, so long…

Then there is Never say goodbye because goodbye means “I am going away”, the final Good bye. Are we communicating something we really do not understand, but do we understand tomorrow is not promised? We know what we are feeling, but does the other body parts know what we mean? We really mean "until we meet again". Well, if you don’t mean it, why say it--communicative processes and contents?

"Bye" or "By" means let me pass. Add good, hence good passing-- farewell. Taking Off!...Lesson? It's The Idea That Counts.

It's time to decide, if it seem evil to serve, choose this day whom you will serve. The final call! "Fight poison with poison." Is cancer a poison?

Let’s compare good-bye to Au Revoir? Au Revoir French to English translation literally means "until we meet again" or "to the next time we see one another". It’s a clear cut definition that more accurately describes what Americans are trying to say with "Good-bye".

Then, why don’t we say "until we meet again" in English? Compare it? When Goodbye Means Forever, then forever means goodbye.

Until we meet again, SEE YA.

What the hell is What does "Hello" mean?

(((Your inner voice)))

Good bye

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