Hello Means

What would you like to know?

Ever been on the phone and said hello to the wrong person? You know it was the wrong person because everything went wrong, all over saying HELLO. People can be nasty over something so innocent as dialing the wrong number.

I say it all the time but without meaning except what everybody else said, now it has become habit and even I don't why I am saying what I'm saying. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Ever think about it? We say it several times a day, but it seems to go without meaning. Hello, so what? Okay, it is an expression, a greetings! Meaning what? It is just another noise pollution? We think we know what they mean and that is more habit than caring, for sure?

The sound of hello sounds pretty close to something believed to be "not good". You hear it more in business than society, hello, welcome to spend your money. But does the quality of the service match the gesture? BEtter hello and i ain't got time.

hello is probably the most popular of all the words in the English language, first words learned and the first word with forgotten meaning.

My research revealed the first four letters pronounced hell means pain, turmoil and terrorizing. That is why I am questioning it, just one letter, one character to give a desired meaning. Hello sounds more like an attention getter - excuse for feeling the need to speak, without purpose. If you do not acknowledge me, ***HELLO***, you are going to hell. Too close for comfort!

Of all the inspirational greetings from which to choose and the new ones we could come up with, how thoughtful and creative is hello? There are so many more meaningful greetings with a long standing history of blessings, like Namaste, Shalom… We don't use them because we don't know what they mean, so what's the difference between them and HELLO?

How hard is it to break a good habit?

"Good bye and How are you" hold true for the same theory, I am just doing what others expect to make it look like I am a nice person.

Shalom, Waters of Shiloh

(((your inner voice)))

What does Good-Bye mean?

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