Being a Good Guest

What does that mean?

Visiting family and friends is being a special guest in their homes and that can be a most exciting and rewarding experience; when you make the most of your vist. That means making sure both parties are well prepared. Doing so can help create and maintain longer lasting memorable experiences together.

    Some notes your host wants you to keep in mind:
  • Make your intentions are known as early in advance as possible.

  • Your host wants you to feel comfortable, so be prepared, especially if you are bringing little ones.

  • Though your host wants you to feel at home and as comfortable as possible, treat their home special. Home is where the heart is.

  • Do not take anything for granted. Ask so you will know.

  • Keep your host well informed and updated on all changes.

  • Be time and purpose oriented and do not over stay your welcome.

  • Mine your own business and do not get take sides or get involved in the personal business of your host, no matter how inviting, stay neutral.

  • Make sure you do more listening than you do telling, they may have already made up the minds and just wanted to share. Less tension?

  • Offer your help even if you do not normally like performing such tasks—washing dishes, cooking… Staying over night, make sure your bed is made and pick up after yourself. Every little bit helps.

  • Be an asset not a burden, think ahead and show your appreciation. Never leave without saying good-bye.

  • Include and teach your children.

    Your first visit is the most important and everyone looks forward to the return of a most hospitable guest. Being a good guest means an even better visit.

Receiving Guests, they have made a few requests known.

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