Receiving Guest?

Notes, your guest(s) would like for you to keep in mind...

Receiving guest(s) and hosting can be a most enjoyable experience, especially when you are looking forward to you special guest(s). You want everything to work out well and it will when both parties are well prepared. It is an opportunity to make their visit special. To make them feel comfortable, welcome and ensure the time spend together is memorable.

    A few notes to help make it happen!

  • The first impression is a lasting impression.

  • Be prepared making your guests feel welcomed and attended to.

  • Well before your guest arrives; make sure all parties clearly understand the purpose of your invitation, their visit and how many are coming. Plan it together.

  • As early as possible, prior to your invitation or accepting guests, make sure they know your house rules.

  • Prepare yourself; you will need a few extra items, like Bathroom Essentials, food and water.

  • Clean before your guests arrive. Comfort and space are more soothing than a clutter and unfamiliar things. Make things easy to find.

  • Hopefully, your guests will allow plenty time to prepare for their visit.

  • Don’t put your guest to work, but one of the best ways to get reacquainted is to let your guest help around the house.

Being a good guest!

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