How do you know you have got it going on?


In what times, what kind of times were I born? How long does it take for things to turn around?

I'll start where we can all be on the same sheet of music. What's wrong with our economy, is the people, is it a mentality? Is it real?

Can you put "any" faith in what people say today - How great thou art? Is there anything wrong with "freaky sex"? Is freaky sex better than "vanilla sex"? Who decides?

Do people really have the courage to tell the truth? Then why are we in so much trouble? I know we're talking about "how do "you" know when "you" have got it going on? And that is exactly my point: How can you know, not being honest.

Is it money, power, position or the lack thereof? Why are we so obsessed with "jockeying for money, power, position", when we know that takes you further from where you want to go?

Today, I went out in my yard to do some yard work when I felt something strange drop on my head. Couldn’t figure it out or from where it came, so I suspected a small twig or so. I inquisitively brushed to see what it was or to knock it out. Well, I saw and felt nothing and went on about my business.

What's wrong with a good ole fashion healthy appetite?

Afterwards, I went into the house and a good size gecko jumped from my shoulder to the kitchen table.

I was doing alright until I saw that lizzard? I could not believe I had gone so long without noticing this gecko on my head and shoulders.

Well, he was alright until I discovered him and decided to end “the cat and mouse game”.

So back to the original question: How do you know when you have got it going on? Money, power, position; just what does that bring you? Well, if you have it, you don't need it? So what else is there? FREAKY SEX or are you in denial?If you think I’m crazy, how did we get to: SSM, same sex marriage, gay rights? Did we ever clear up any of those other issues?

the lack thereof More people can identify and confirm the truth here. If you do not have shit, can you get anything? So if you do not have a “damn thing”, what exactly is it you want? Haven’t we decided that money, power, position, education gets you “know where”?

We’ve got the best of those and economically and socially speaking why are we declining? You can have everything you wanted, but timing has a lot to do. Had that gecko jumped off outside, he would have had a better chance at surviving.

If we stopped all this stupid shit and really started to love and embrace each other, would we have a better chance of surviving. Why do we make things so complicated and then deny? Why do we want to put “everybody on the wrong road home?

Why can’t we just help everyone meet their basic needs? Then we could say, “We have really got it going on”. Timing.

(((your inner

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