Great Depression 1930s

the "Greatest Generation" for a reason. Doing more with less, how important is that?

I practice and preach it everday but are you listening? Why, because my parents lived through it.

Today, most adults have no idea and no respect for their parents. I see how lazy their asses are and you have the nerve to complain. If you knew what I know you would change your whole fucking attitude and that is truth.

Think about what people endured, suffered through for your dumb ass to act like you know what's really going on...

Are you worried about the wrong things? the "Greatest Generation" for a reason Why has it been and still is secret for so long?

How long it that ago? Do you believe nothing can happen to you? Living on the backs of survivors. Tough times are very hard on people especially children.

Brother can you spare a dime, soup lines, men leaving their families to ride the rails to work. Many a proud person learned to beg like a dog if they were to eat. doctors, what about Nurses, traded services for eggs, veges, meats, chores, etc -- Try that today.

It was a decade when tens of millions of people in the U.S. experienced mass unemployment and social upheaval as the nation clawed its way out of the Great Depression and rumblings of global war were heard from abroad.

Japanese Americans interned and lived in camps during World War II were removed; and decades-long migration of blacks from the rural South to cities.

Understanding your relationship to American democracy is very important to the history of our country and self...

Take a look at what the Japanese-American community looked like and how they were removed and evacuated, why?

the government's intent on documenting the turbulent decade, by generating data on homelessness, migration, widespread unemployment, irregular salaries and fertility decline.

recruiting public officials, clergy and business owners to promote it

The hiring of "Opportunity: A Journal of Negro Life" to galvanize support in the black community

Those of us who were fortunate enough to have known people - parents, grandparents - who experienced this period in American history are blessed by these experiences and lessons they passed on.

poor farmers to begin with. Protect the older folks. They saved this nation and the world. They don't ask for much or even praise.

(((your inner

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