HOw much time do you have to save the world? The power between good and evil? How do you use what you already have?

The more we get the less we do, fact or fiction good or evil? Then why is it that we need more to do less? Is it the less we do, the more we get? Is it the older you get the less you know? Then why don't they respect you? Why don't they listen to you? I'm a prime example: For what are we preparing ourselves? Why do animals learn all they need to know in the first three years of their lives and poor people are taught they can't do anything until they graduate from somewhere? Is graduation a good form of validation? Just what do you get for graduating from any of our institutions of higher learning? Is that why they call us "the poor people"? The poor people!

I'm dumb and stupid, so what am I when I listen to you? How do you make sense out of anything that does not make sense? Why would you ask someone, anyone not to look down on you for being so stupid?

You say, we cannot get together because of issues and excuses. How do you handle what you already have?

Attending any institution of higher learning is a major feat, always was and will be. The costs are astronomical and continue to rise based upon a secret formula. How many generations before we learn the formula? I call it "the go to them formula". A mentality where we've learned to goto them for everything.

I overstood a conversation between two young ladies and their elder, who were chatting about going to the university. The two young ladies were sharing all the stuff, above and beyond what they needed, to attend university to solicit the support of their elder. It was so much stuff and expense it baffled me. I couldn't understand how I could help them get what they thought they needed and I too went to the university. I was surprised there was so much stuff needed to attend a university today, so I continued to listen, when I heard their elder so eloquently resolved their excuses and issues.

When the two youger ladies were all finished the elder explained: "Trade in some of the things you already have and don't use". This little short statement was so profound I had to share it.

Today, in manefesting anything, I am reminded of that lesson, is that why we visualize the power of manifestation as so hard? Is that why poor people don't have a damn thing? Is it that poor people are taught to give, give, give; and then when you run out? And that is what was so profound about this message, to our children we give, give, give, so how do they ever learn to get? How do you teach them and why do you teach them by giving them shit that's not important- cars, phones,fast food... Will that, can that help you better survive. Remember, this is the future generation you're training.

How do you learn the power of manifestation, is it the same as asking your mother? Do we ever teach, instead of asking your mother, to ask God? What about unrealistic expectations, is that what we're teaching? Are we setting ourselves and our children up for failure?

What could be the worse failure? That is being incapable of producing anything for yourself. That is the feeling of the grass being greener on the other side. Will our university teach you how to do anything? Why would you have to pay an institution to teach your children what they "need to" know? Is it because we're failing as parents? Is that why the bulk of the people is failing - The failure club. Is that a good explanation of a "generation gap"? Is there really a such thing as a "generation gap"? Why do we let it ride?

What's the "true cost" of items like cell phones?

We're teaching our children that money can save them and if you do not have money, you cannot manifest a damn thing. Self-defeating, that's sad isn't it.

To be most effective and efficient, put in to play all the shit you already have and know this: If you cannot make that work, you will not be able to make anything else work. Learn to do more with less!

(((your inner

Poor folk are stupid as hell

How will you think today?

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