Great discussions

Is there any consequence for lying? What is the truth?

I've been with some slow ass people, but none as slow as these, why? What's slow, why? Is fast better, why fast? Whats good, what's bad?

Who lives for tomorrow, when I get to heaven? What does “when” really mean?What about great discussions, can you have’em, the importance of...Where do great discussions lead? Let's get this party started! Where is everybody, everywhere, the latest stuff that made you like me?

There are some really amazing artists on here (not to mention me). And I know you would like to thank me for being you. Again, where are you?

Where are you when you befriend someone? Do we really know that, want, willing, actually... are we engaged in the practice of befriending, as much as we are in the practice of “tearing down”? Why would you want to destroy anything, just to build a new? Are we really rebuilding America? Didn’t we build it the first time right? Now, I know it’s pretty easy to find and enemy, but what about “a good” friend? How do you befriend anything? How is your attitude?

Who decides on what good is? Is it the latest pics and vids uploaded, how great thought art and/or discussions they've started? Do you hear what actually comes out of a person’s mouth? Is it more truth than lies? Why do we listen? Why mandatory education? Wouldn’t it be much more meaningful if you went on your own? Stupid Ass People? WE’ve got so many rights, but where are our “good times”? Are they really, intentionally, actually, factually trying to send us into depression? Would you know depression if you saw it...the signs? Now, what exactly would be your sequence of events? Would you tell anybody, everybody or would you try and hide it? You see there-in lies the problem? We’ll boast about how intelligent, technologically advanced, democratic we are, but we will not say shit about them Republicans! Money talks and bullshit walks, and we want admit that..why not? What, why do you expect the criminally insane to do? Do you know gang warfare? Do you know the real gangsters? Are they really who we say they are? Why do we arrest the wrong people? Why do we work criminals- chain gangs?

We make it complicated by trying to keep up our friends lives and naughty bits –criminal, credit,, corporate, greed... As a matter of fact, the more we learn, the less we know. Did you know tomorrow is not promised, so why take the most important thing you know for granted? You see, we just need somone to remind our dumb asses. We’re always planning for tomorrow, as we starve today. What animal thinks like that? Who would want to live there? Who lives in tomorrow, is the “great minds”?

What are the easiest ways to find good friends? Great discussions with cool people...• Join one of the most popular groups for guaranteed good times.

If you are reading this, you've gone too far. Don't be scared. We don't bite… unless you ask nicely! Just choose one of the above and start exploring!Great discussions with cool people means guaranteed good times.

Why get involved in relationships you don't want? Do we really want bad relationships? Why are they bad and is that good? Have you ever had a good conversation with yourself? Is that good?


Relationships you don't want

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