Relationships you don’t want to be in

There's going to be no question because I don't have a choice.

There's only the right or wrong choice, which should I make? Is it a choice?

Relationships you don’t want to be in:

Relationships that are not respecter of human rights and how they are applied to all concerned - freedom.

Are you too confused to know? If I worked harder than you to develop your land, for the purposes of human rights to be shared by all, could you, would you tell me who I could and should not invite, why?

Because it’s your land and property, my labor does not mean as much or give equal power? To view my work, you can invite your friends but my invitations are subject to your approval? Am I not dependable, accountable, responsible...

A relationship where you are too confused to know? Me, I don’t want to be a stranger nowhere and I carry myself like that. I am single, my life is an open book I share with the world and I enjoy it that way. I am a Writer and I write so I can better understand today.

Another relationship you don’t want to be in is a relationship based upon sex. Because you have sex, what kind of new requirements, limits … must you put on your partner? What new rules must they adhered before violating respect?

Another kind of relationship a man doesn’t want to be in, is one where the woman tells him what to do. Now, I am very fond of ladies, respect, equal pay… but one thing I am not going to have in a relationship is a man or (((woman))) who (((tells))) me what to do. Do it your damn self. Just ain’t going to happen in this life time and you know.

First, I believe telling/ordering are disrespectful, cruel, childish... There’s a difference in telling, asking, suggesting, listening, agreeing, disagreeing… When you cannot agree that’s a problem, it just doesn’t make sense. When one partner must result to telling the other, well you already know. It is just going to get worse because nobody can tell you how to be you.

None of this has to do with living together, dating or any of that other bullshit. I ain’t a firm believer in them either; but it does have to do with people entering in relationship, for the purpose of helping each other and that has to do with human rights. You should be a respecter of land and people, whether you think you own it or not.

Sexual involvement, I already told you my feelings on sex. Is it money, power, control because you think you own the land/house therefore it is yours to do what you want? Is that why it was down in the first place –mismanagement of land and resources? Before, you didn’t give a shit! It all was going down and so were you. Now, you ‘ve got help to get what you wanted and you’re cutting off your hand to spite your face, because you think I don’t know shit.

A relationship that’s not up front is another kind of relationship you do not want to be in. People who are not honest with your friends, are not honest with themselves; because of which, you never know where they or you stand. Behind your back they are talking, backstabbing… Instead of business building, your partner’s personal feelings are now first priority.

A relationship that’s not about business!!! I am a firm believer that a family, in order to survive must be managed like a business and business, in order to survive must be operated like a family. What are you doing in your house you don’t want anyone else to know? Are you open to some customers and not others? What happens to unexpected guests, do you tell them a lie about come back?

On this project, I’m working like crazy because of my/your transgressions. If you could have, you would have. Now, you are telling me one of my friends can’t be properly greeted or invited because you’re too busy, ill feelings, two women in one house, bad vibes, it’s your house and property… then for what am I working? Am I working for this to be yours or shared? Why should I feel guilty or understand you denying or postponing this invite? What kind of ties do we have that would warrant such rejection? If we can agree to disagree I can respect that, but if the little hospitality you must provide to all guests is hindered, postponed... because of your hectic schedule… what kind of business is that? When the acceptance of my guests depends on your scrutiny, then you already know. What if you were denied because of my likes and dislikes?

Human rights are what I'm/we’re after and what you do not understand is without them, you have no rights. Must you reject anyone before they ever get in? A respecter of person, whether you like them or not has nothing to do with - human rights, the job we're called to do.

(((your inner

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