Growing Older and Bridging the Gap

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There was a time, I thought this day would never come. Now I know.

At what age do you get old? Are you grander than you think? Or are you as decrepit as you know? There are those of us, who at a young age, had trials and tribulations beyond compare. I am reminded of burn victims, strokes and many of these people come back to life. But is old age a good or evil?

How long will it take you to screw up your youth, just like me?

When you are young, you take a lot of serious shit for granted. You don't even think it to be serious, but when you get OLD, that shit will come back to haunt you.

A lot of people won't tell you, but I am here to say, If you want to live a nice healthy old life, better start while you are young. Do you believe you are going to get old, if not, you can stop reading right here.

When young, you are worried about shit like, how can I move away and do what I want to? How can I get all the shit I need to live like everybody else I think I see? The economy, crime, a better quality of life doesn't really concern you. Professionals are pushing more irrelevant shit at you left and right. They know just how dumb, stupid and vulnerable you are.

Then one day, you wake up and wonder what happened? From where comes all these diseases, aches and pains? Now, starts your doctor visits, is it too late? You frown on AIDs, but what’s the difference between immune deficiency disease and Old Timers Disease? a state in which the immune system' s ability to fight infectious disease is compromised or entirely absent.

Then you realize, none of that shit was important. You are still paying, how many times can you pay off the same old shit? Sign my land grant petition

There are serious gaps in your life, but you do not give a damn. You didn't when you were younger, you still don’t and you think it is too late now you are older, well damn?

Remember when your children use to tell you, "they didn't feel like it? I am too tired, i am sick or any other excuse"

Today, I am talking to the older folks. The ones who screwed it all up and are in a serious state of denial. As long as you have breathe in your body, do not give up on yourself and our people. What kind of message are you sending with your old nasty ass?

Scared to death, you have hung around the house so long doing nothing, it's starting to show. You are looking as feeble as hell and you need to get straightened out. Why do you make getting older look so nasty? What happened to sexy seniors?

You sit around old folk and all they talk about are their aches and pains. AARP? Well, had you lived a better quality of life, you would have something much better about which to talk. You would have some power.

False teeth, droopy boobs and stiff as a board, who in the sam hell sees a bright future through you? You are a disgrace not only to yourself, but the whole world in general. Think about shit? Wise is the NEW YOU!

    Growing Older and Bridging the Generation Gap!

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If you cannot do anything due to physical limitations then work with what you got. Support people doing something positive. Support young people and ask for their support in return. When you get too old to do that,,,You know!

I hope this message reaches you in time. Free yourself!

Most importantly, don't forget to support me on the farm Sign my land grant petition

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11 September was GRANDparents Day.

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