Dr. Henry King Stanford

Former Georgia Southwestern College president

Former Georgia Southwestern College president Dr. Henry King Stanford dies at age 92

AMERICUS--Henry King Stanford, Ph.D., former Georgia Southwestern College president, died Jan. 1, 2009, at age 92 at his home in Americus, Ga.

Stanford served as president of GSW from 1948-1950. Under his leadership, student morale and student/faculty relationships were enhanced; enrollment was increased; Stanford brought inter-collegiate athletics to the institution, established the Jackson Loan Fund, opened the College Lake for recreation and constructed the Mildred Lowery Chapel. The GSW graduating classes of 1949, 50 and 51 established a scholarship in Stanford's honor.

A native of Atlanta, Stanford earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts from Emory University, a certificate from the University of Heidelberg in Germany and a Master of Science from the University of Denver. While serving as president of GSW, Stanford completed his Ph.D. in public administration in 1949 from New York University.

Following his time at Georgia Southwestern, Stanford served as president of the Georgia State College for Women (now Georgia College and State University) in Milledgeville (1953-1956), Birmingham Southern College in Alabama (1957-1962) and the University of Miami in Florida (1962-1981). In 1986, five years following his retirement, Stanford served as interim president of the University of Georgia for one year. "Dr. Stanford is legendary among university presidents," said GSW President Kendall A. Blanchard. "His impact on higher education in general was significant. His contributions to Georgia Southwestern suggest he was clearly one of the finest administrators to serve this institution. His legacy here is certain to live on in perpetuity." Stanford's wife, Ruth, passed away in 2002 in Americus. Stanford is survived by four children: Henry Stanford, Jr., Lowry Stanford, Rhoda Stanford McCabe, and Peyton Stanford, and a sister, Annabell Nickel. A memorial service will be held in Americus later in January. Hancock Funeral Home of Americus is in charge of arrangements.

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