Where do I go for the best guidance?

I looking for my fishing rods?

Choice, where is the first place you should go for guidance? Am I on faith or am I on me?

Since ancient times, people have gotten up in the morning and turned toward the sun, honoring the source of light and warmth that sustained all life. Even on cloudy days they turned in the sun's direction and honored the source they knew to be present. And with fire they have kept that light burning.

What are we doing today? Are we doing that and more or overlooking that and recreating our own? Is it making us a better people?

Many times, it fails to occur to me, and then when it does, I am scared to death. So I resign myself to doing what I think best.

You want to do everything to save yourself and earn a buck at the same time, and somehow the need for the buck gets in front of your need to save yourself; that is when trouble, which is never far away, starts.

Guided by the light, your highest good, only the wisest people will be able to perceive it and to discern its meaning. They did not know exactly where they were going, what they would find, when they would arrive nor what they would do. They only had faith in being guided by their highest good.

I am divinely inspired to good action, actions that bless my world and the people in it. I am empowered to express my skills and talents in new and exciting ways.

Within every challenge is an opportunity and within every opportunity a gift. To be guided by your own divine nature, you must step out on faith and stay out on faith. Remember, faith without works is ….

In my faith, I know all things are possible. Then, I know exactly how things will turn out.

This little light of mine ... With new awareness, I see possibilities for greater good in my relationships, health and finances. I keep my eyes turned toward the Light and trust the guidance I receive.

(((Your inner voice)))

Did youe ever think there would be days like this? dysfunctional-system-with-distorted-outcomes

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