Saving Souls

How much luck are you/we having - prosperity? Saving Souls

Why do we want to see each other do bad? Why do we want to see each other fail? The thing is saving souls? Is saving souls absolutely necessary?

We talk a lot of shit, but when it gets right down to it, call it voodoo or what, we want to see each other suffer. We take action by attending church, jobs..., but the minute we leave, really we don’t have to leave before we’re back at the process of destroying each other. If you were calling the shots would things be any different?

Denial, we deny others before we get ours, is that how you call the shots. We are of the mentality that we do not want our neighbors to have shit, before we get ours. We go to church and tell all those lies at how great we are about sharing and helping but when it comes right down to it, we’re so threatened by our fellow man. So much so, we spend more time and effort blocking than we do making a way, and we have several excuses why not.

However, when you look around and ask the questions: Why am I so damn depressed, this answer eludes you. Is depression a killer?

Is kindness a weakness for others to exploit? What is it within you that makes you feel and act this way? Why are you covering up the real problem? If you are not dealing with people who are truly like-minded are you wasting your time?

It has got to be a problem with ourselves rather than with someone else. Is it all in your mind or is it really happening? Is it that you just don’t want another lion in your territory? Are you about controlling your territory? So will your strategy work?

Is it the cause or your own fears? What is the cause? The decisions you make, how do they affect the whole? It ain’t no sharing because a lion don’t ask for shit? Is this territory just for you? What happens when you claim a spot for yourself? Does it limit your mobility? And when you do leave, what happens upon your return and there's a new lion on the block?

Must you defend it or share? Why risk or take a chance of injuring your own self? What good would it do for me to gain the world but lose my soul? How do you surround yourself with like-minded individuals?

Saving Souls

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