Especially, Handguns!

Every time the subject comes up, you have to be so careful not piss-off the wrong folk, Why? To me it only makes sense and what happens when you defy common sense?

People holla, "Protecting themselves". Do you realize how many innocent people are being killed everyday, in order for you to protect yourself? I am saying handguns should be banned, but common sense tells me, we need a better system. Why do we continue to produce so many handguns? How much effort to we put forth to collect the old outdated ones? What happen when a handgun owner dies? Are we being and acting responsiblly in the contol of handguns?

Guns are like dynamite every time you shoot. Yet we make ourselves believe we, good Christian folk, have them under control? Is that Christian or Hypocrit? A better system of control is needed!

Just as with any weapon, guns have no friends or enemies, love or hatred. They are designed for one purpose and that is to shoot. That does not mean "only mean what is in front of it".

A gun does not care who, what, when, where nor how safe or good you handle them. A gun will shoot you, especially handguns.

All that wild, wild, west stuff, forget it. For it only makes having a gun, that shoots real bullets, more dangerous for the person shooting it.

Accidents do happen and any person who regularly shoots a gun has had a close call, if they are not too scared or lived to tell about it. Ask "Big Dick" and he was shooting a "long gun".

Guns are only good when used as tools to aid in the survival process.

A new year or two ago, I discovered a bullet lodged in the hood of my truck.

Because of the angle from which the bullet was lodged, I can safely say it was from someone shooting in the air, probably celebrating with new year cheer.

Just think, had that round hit any human being they would be dead or injured for life.

Be careful where you shoot, even shooting in the air is dangerous. What goes up, must come down, including bullets and where they land, nobody knows. Well, until it is too late.


Eats, shoots and leaves, what animal does that? Panda Bear.

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