New Year Eve Shooting

Bullet from New Year Eve Shooting


Bullet lodged in the chrome, just under the "R", not fireworks but firing real bullets.

And people say I do not know what I am doing?

If you have plans to be out in the open on New Year's Eve you might want read what happened here. This is my truck and a bullet that could have,,,"YOU KNOW"!

Like me, most folk probably think this could or would never happen to them, but it is one of those "ready, fire, aim scenarios, it too late when it does. There is no logical explanation for this to happen to anyone, for any reason, especially for shooting in the air to celebrate an ocassion.

How many people are killed or injuried from accidental shootings -- stray bullets or bullets falling back to earth, from people shooting “up in the air” to celebrate holidays? I wonder how many take advantage of this opportunity to do their dirty work?

Now, add in the Fourth of July? The more people shooting the more likely shooting accidents like the one above are to happen.

Common sense: Is firing a gun into the air, with real bullets, in celebration a wise thing to do? Think about that? Is it ever safe to fire real bullets into the air at any time? Is it safe and secure for all concerned? Does shooting guns in celebration make any kind of sense at all? Are fireworks safer than bullets?

Who would have ever thought? Who could have ever come up with such ideas? Displays of bravery, boredom, suicide all in one; and the point being? I guess the same people who thought of Russian roulette or Lethal games?

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