The Happiest People in America

Where do they live? How do they do it? Do you even know what true happiness is? Really, if you had to explain to someone, exactly what would make you happy right now, could you do it? How much time would it take? Would it come in the form of dollars and 'sense'? Then why does not it spread? Why is not your community one of the happiest? Is Art failing in his job?

According to Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index,(which I am not too pleased to report) in general, the states where people reported feeling better about life were located primarily in the West, and lower well-being states were clustered in the Midwest and the South. That is depressing in its self. What is that saying for the rest of us? I know! I wonder Why and are they telling the truth?

Numerous credible publishers, as well as regional and national media organizations annually conduct such surveys. My question would be, Why does it take an abnormal person to survey normal people? What makes them more qualified? "Credible Publishers!" YOu KNow! Bloggers and Journalists, why is one more credible than the other? How? Credibilty has to do with an individual's character.

The survey attempts to “measure what it is that people believe constitutes a good life, who is feeling good about life, and who is in need of a helping hand.” I wonder why they never ask me?

This conclusion literally flies-in-the-face concerning the way most American’s believe, live (action speaks so much louder than words) and strive to become happy, fulfilled, content and “successful.” WHAT EXACTLY IS THAT SAYING ABOUT YOU?

How could people, who go out of their way to avoid most modern-day conveniences and technology, be the happiest people in America? How could people who intentionally endure a 2 hour buggy ride that can be accomplished in 10 minutes in an automobile be the happiest people in the world? SO DRIVING MAKES YOU MAD.

How could people, most of whom reject electricity, radios, TVs, computers, BlackBerrys, the Internet and automobiles be the happiest people in America? How is this possible? THEY ARE NOT IN DEBT. Debt/credit will cause you to do some stupid things.

What does it take to be a very friendly and happy people? SEE, MOST OF US DON'T EVEN KNOW. Most do not know what the hell they are doing. Trust?

From little children to old men and women, have a smile on your face, a song in your heart, an enthusiastic spark in your step and a sincere and welcoming greeting for all to treat you with dignity and respect.

Be at peace and very content with the life you have chosen... including all the ramifications of that choice.

Strikingly different from what one finds in most communities across America and around the world. Strikingly, and obviously very different in a number of positive ways! Really, does our way of life help or hurt when it comes to being content?

So what about you? Do you have crystal clear values and priorities to which you are totally committed?

Can you articulate those values and priorities as if you had written and totally committed to them yesterday?

Do they permeate, dominate and literally drive your personal, professional and organizational life and actions? Are they the basis on which you evaluate your personal, professional and organizational life?

Are they the basis on which you determine your success, or lack thereof, and your contributions and value in life?

Be assured that your values and priorities do indeed permeate, dominate and literally drive your personal, professional and organizational life. Your values and priorities do indeed determine your success, or lack thereof, and your contributions and value in life.

What does it matter about who said it, as long as it is truth. Think about it when you think how screwed up life is, and you wonder why. Really, why do people hate other people? We can solve every other problem, but remember, I am not academically inclined?

The only question is... have you very carefully and thoughtfully chosen... and then committed to the values and priorities most important to you?

Have you chosen and committed to those values and priorities that will take YOU to where YOU want to go... to who YOU want to be... to what YOU want to accomplish... to the legacy YOU wish to leave? aND YOU THINK i KNOW EVERYHING? How does he know? Why don't you know?

How can any state be happy, when the others are sad? Reckon the sad people even give-a-shit?

Regardless of how you feel or what you think of people, you can learn a lot from them... all people!

Make every effort to live in peace with all men.

And now of course... it’s up to you.

Mortals or Gods?

(((your inner

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