Mortals or Gods

You know, that is an option availble to me!

This subject came to me as I read about "things being possible", especially when they seem to be impossible, like the success of this website. Now, I want to know what is the Difference?

The term "mortals" has something to do with or relating to humankind; human: the mortal limits of understanding. What about mortally wounded?

The term God has to do with everything being possible. So I ask myself, I have big goals and dreams, what are the differences between mine and all others who has had and accomplished them? I know I am not supposed to compare myself but that question remains, "how did they do the impossible"?

I also am a positive, confident and assured man and though I want to grow and improve my life, self-doubt creeping in from any angle. "Am I really strong enough, good enough, smart enough? Does it even make any sense? Have I pissed off everyone?" And when I am just about ready to give up...the door swings wide open.

Now, I am reminded, nothing stops me but my own worries and fears. I have everything I need to succeed and all I need to do is to stay the course. I realize I have "unlimited potential" through wisdom. But what happened to my wisdom, why can not I accomplish what I have set out?

I must find a way. I must re-energize my hope, courage and confidence. Today, a long bicycle ride in the cold and rain did that - seven miles round trip. Again I am inspired by divine possibilities. So am I a God or a Mortal, either way, I am ready to progress in positive ways.

"For mortals it is impossible, but for God all things are possible."

What does it take for us to get along? Work and play together?

(((your inner

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