Hard On Education Why

Hard on Education, Why? Abusive teachers? A dysfunction system of education. Would you like to see an atrocity being committed?

Why am I so hard on education? I’ve been asked, “Why am I so hard on education. Is it all about being equal or productive, superior and subordinate? Where is the human aspect in this all?We are fighting for our faith, truth, and freedom! That the poor, less fortunate of our land shall be fed, clothed, housed, and be enabled to labor in freedom, peace, health, and happiness to obtain their needs.

It’s not education I am hard on, but what our education system is doing to us and our children. You must know there is something seriously wrong when you have to force your children to attend. Then, the more they participate the worse off things are. Is it an asset or debt? Does our system of education produce a more productive citizen or a less productive one. Our children are being dumbed-down, educated against their parents and anything good for wholesome living, by guiding me away from my roots.

Do we say what we mean and mean what we say? Twelve hard long years only to learn everything we promised is no longer there, knowing it never was. Why do we repeatedly tell that lie?

Our system of education hobbles a man, rather than free’s him. We invest all our time, money and efforts in learning, when our jobs are being given to people who can’t speak our language and never been to our schools, how do you explain that? Why are you trying to make me feel guilty for something you did?

Through-out this long process of educating our children, do you know how abusive our teachers are to them? Why do you teach what I cannot use? Why do you force me to participate and pass what has no functional purpose in life? If I do not participate or pass, then you label me something less than a human being and cast me out from my family and society. Do you know how hard our teachers are on our students, only because someone else is hard on them?

Who’s the victim here? The poor gets poorer, health care needs reforming, we more divided, confused and the crime rates soars out of control and all you can offer me is to GO BACK TO SCHOOL. Now, here are the atrocity: Less happiness, we are more enslaved than ever before, oppression, tyranny, exploitation, robbed by the rich, malnutrition, evil abuse, constant conflicts, perpetual fear and insecurity. Where is the love? Why are you so defiant about your own laws, love, faith, peace and harmony?

Why do we educate our children to be superior beings, while failing to educate them how to be human beings? Is that self-defeating or what? Freedom from what?

The real question is why do you go along with this atrocity?

We must teach spirit, faith and love to educate minds, hearts and spirits; saving souls and bodies. We must free man from evils caused by selfishness and hatred. We must educate him about being vicious, cruel and unkind to each other, man's inhumanity to man. All of which is caused by lack of understanding.

The pen is mightier than the sword. Ours is a war of words and ideas to thrill men's minds with truths.

We cannot force men to be good; we cannot legislate righteousness. We must persuade their minds, win their hearts, inspire their spirits, and save their souls so that they will willingly want to do good.

Change, you cannot change a world without first changing a mind, and you cannot change a mind unless you have a change in heart, and you cannot change a heart without inspiration from the spirit of God – The whole person concept.

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