The Good Times

What's happening when your good times start going away, what do you do, how do you know???

What are you creating? You wouldn't know unless someone teaches you and then that would depend on whether or not they taught you good? Why do your children suffer so? Is that none of my business, should I ignore the obvious?

Love me or Leave me, why does every time we’re having a good time, you allow something to interfere?

Who doesn’t want to be loved? How do we love everybody? Why do you hate one and love another? When are we going to get to the “GOODTIMES”? What does love have to do with it?

Now, the church says you are supposed to love everybody and that ain’t a bad deal, but does your love for one knock out another? Should anyone take a back seat because you’re on the scene? How much fat is acceptable? Then, my question to you would be, “what are you going to do”?

Many of you have been taught there are different kinds of love and I am not going to go into all of that, but if you are going to love everybody, you must remove all these conditions, preconceived notions….

How can a people learn to love, when everyone from whom they are learning does not know love? When you are born and raised in a country that is built upon Violence and Abuse, how do you know love? How do you know love, when these same people who caused all this violence and abuse is teaching you how to love?

How do you know love, when it is failing all around you, you family, your community, work…? Is there any such thing as a working relationship? Why would you work for your enemy? Why would you work for anyone, just for a paycheck? What is that teaching you? Pimps, Hustlers and Whores? How can you love anyone when all they do is violate and abuse you? Does love hurt, is it supposed to, and then why are you crying? Hirelings! How are you going to love anybody when you ain’t even in love with yourself?

Why does HAPPINESS, good health always seem to escape you and then you want to blame someone else? Are you not the dog with a bone looking in the water and saw his own reflection? Is the grass really greener on the other side? If you can't get your own grass to grow, how can you grow anyone else's?

How are these feelings mutual? Is anyone of us more vulnerable than the other? Then why do you think you're more special? What happens when a person put themselves upon a pedestal? Is it between your legs or between your ears? Do the legs have anything to do with love? Animals mate, what do humans do? Why is there so much more chaos and confusion in what we do and on top of that, you are going to tell me? If your life is fucked-up, why would I allow you to do the same to mine - love is blind, love this, that and the other? How is that helping me or anybody?

What about that self-centered love, how is it all about you? You give him at least eight hours a day, in his yard, but you can't give me any hours a day, in your own yard. When I ask, all your illnesses get in the way, when he ask, you can't wait to leave? You want me to work with a crack-head, while you work with intellectuals, what kind of shit is that? You don't even have time for your own self and if you used it wisely... Is that self-defeating, self-destructive, selfish... or what? Wake-up!

Why is it the more of your love you give, the worse it gets? Look around you, you don’t even know how to love yourself. If you did, there would not be so much violence and abuse. Our communities would becomes places of welcome, not places from which to flee. Our property value would increase, not decrease.

Do we really respect each other? How can you have love without respect? God is love and love is God, what the hell does that say about you, The Good Times, Maude, All in the Family and The Jeffersons?

If the President said it's time for a change, what would the change be and where would it start? Heart to hear, why can’t you just love me for who I am and not who you want me to be? Let the good times roll. The good time For the good times, I'll be here if you ever find you need me! Are your children not the sign?

(((your inner

This ia an insult to some, but ask yourself why? Am I lying and you telling the truth. How can you be a Bible student and don't practice it? The Outdated Bible or is it the Outdated Students?

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