Healing and Health Care

Treatment and quality of care depends upon the money

When treatment and quality of care depends upon the money you can pay, Please read the Important Product Information and discuss with your doctor or health care professional. No funds, what health care professional can you talk with?

Here's another, Get well soon! When you say those words, to whom are you speaking? To the sick or just the sick with money?

Healing can not take place without Good health care. Good Health care can not take place until we "clean up and out" our systems.

In our best medical facilities, how can you tell me I can not afford to be treated? Then what is your best all about? Can you have a passion for health care, without first having a foremost passion for healing all people? How are heroes made? If treatment and quality of care depends upon the money one can pay, does not that tell you our health care system is compromised--broken? Points of spirituality, ethics, and morals come into play.

That changes the whole perspective of living life better. Why work when you can not earn enough money to pay for the best health care? The people you work for can but you can not. What about taking care of your people?

Gesundheit! Is what we need and what we want! We will pay any cost to get it. That will be $8450. Knowing that, some evil doers are taking the advantage of the people health care is meant to serve and made it into one of the greatest profit making businesses, motivated by greed, negligence and fear.

Health and Healing as a business? I know we need to live and that is just my point. With today's high-tech health care, I would think services provided would be better—more cure, less disease and expense? Better treatment! However, our new developments are causing and being taking advantage of to price ourselves right off the affordable map, just the opposite of our initial intentions? That is, in most ways, dehumanizing and demoralizing, which just ain't affordable? Off the grid health care costs bring on the purchase of health care insurance to offset unaffordable health care. Health care insurance packages are built with profit motives, instead of health care, as the main priority, raising health care cost even higher. What is your co-pay?

Negligence High Profit margins have attracted health caregivers who are negligent in the performance of their duties. They provide health care services with anything other than a passion. The system has been compromised and corrupted. Fear sets in.

Now motivated by fear, both sides, the health care giver and the patient, engage in power struggles and battles to CYA.

Knocked and locked out of the system, many of us are forced to seek alternative means of health care, which are not approved by anyone other than hearsay and grandma. Consequently, many illnesses go misdiagnosed and untreated, leading to death and the spread of disease. Bottom line, what goes around comes around.

Unaffordable health care and insurance, negates the healing process.

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