Change your mind first!

Live A Healthy Life

A combination of sensible living, moderation and balance.

Enjoy a healthy diet filled with Color and Variety. All things in moderation.

Nurture yourself, and thank your body for a job well done.

Variety-the spice of life.

"I like the shape of muscle, and I like to have the muscle to move with power in the world." --Joanna Frueh

Physical Problems

Putting a positive spin on events in our past is associated with an enormous array of health benefits, from improved immune function to reduced stress to quicker healing, with all their emotional and physical advantages.

To some degree, we may be able to literally explain away many devastating physical problems.

If you want to have a healthier body, I suggest changing your thinking first and adding more variety into your life style.

Water and 1997 Wine, New Bottles, drink plenty of it. Enjoy your reading, live a happy, healthy life and come back to visit us often.


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