The Heart

A healthy and happy Heart

Most of us are born with a healthy and happy heart, but as we mature in life we allow our heart to be troubled, by the things people look at.

We look at the outward appearance, so often times we do not get to experience each others inner most "thoughts and intentions".

A happy, cheerful, heart makes life "a continual feast." How do we obtain—and maintain—this happy heart?

Guard your heart from corruption by working for and receiving proper food, water and shelter. The heart affects everything. Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. We should not allow our hearts be anxious or proud, anxiety and pride are deterrents to a cheerful heart.

Maintain a pure heart by being obedient to laws of Mother Nauture and our hearts will be lighter, even in difficult times.

Embrace the truth and ask God to help us maintain healthy, happy hearts, no matter what challenges we face.

your inner

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