My Heart’s Desire

A confidence killer, A faith shatterer, Low self-esteem

Life governed by externals, how we present ourselves to the world and issues of the heart become non-issues.

Something is going on in the inside of me that feels the opposite of what I see on the outside of me. What do I do, How do I mask this thing? Must I restrain myself?

No inhibitions, my heart is true, my goal is to seek out the good that lies within my adversities! What is inside matters most, because the outside will reflect. “It is what it is.” The opposite of which is hard to keep up and very dangerous. Ultimately we are left empty, confused and deceived.

Now, I am becoming even more hopeful. This is where I am today, I must maintain and monitor, showing progress.

Instant gratification is wonderful, but my life is about seeking to experience life more fully - the freedom to farm.

I know that better understanding the desires of my heart is more important. I desire to experience a genuine and meaningful relationship with others.

For my body and soul, I value strength, energy and good health through spiritual living. I value my freedom to follow the divine leadings from within- love, compassion and understanding.

I prepare to meet my good, to succeed and prosper in my hopes of glory, living a meaningful and fulfilled life. As bad as I am, I trust in divine order.

your inner,,,gone green

How do we see beyond the externals?

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