Historical Home, Milledgeville In Immediate Need of Repair

The House, Fund Raising

Help Preserve Historic Home - The Thomas Family House

I am raising funds to preserve my family home: the Thomas House on South Clark Street, Milledgeville, Georgia. It is a Historical Home and in desperate Need of Repairs.

Built in 1895, this home has been well kept, until now. Although the homeowner cannot afford to make necessary repairs, he does not want to sell, however, he is willing to work out something to help save this valuable property.

The house across the street helps to validate this point and is doing the same thing. At an earlier time, my parents rallied to help save that same house . Georgia College is now rallying to save the same house . Now, I am rallying to save mine, The Thomas Family Home.

The estimated cost to renovate this historic house is $379,950, but to complete the stabilization phase, I only need to raise $10,000.

Inquires should be directed to me: Art Thomas * 478-452*2597 or Email Art

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