"Lifting As We Climb"

Olivia Thomas September 15, 1915 - February 13, 2006
Olivia Thomas "Guardian" The Old Governor's Mansion at Milledgeville, Ga

Another of her favorite saying was: "I am always as glad to see you as you are me." - Olivia Thomas,Georgia College & State University Connection • Summer 2005, pg. 16

Otis Edward Thomas May 4, 1906 - January 7, 1975
Otis E. Thomas, "The South Side Slugger",
Husband, Father and Painter

Otis Thomas, the South Side Slugger, 21,509 stadium fans can't forget the spectacular victory by Thomas, who beat Max Marek in the greatest of all Golden Gloves bouts in 1934 heavy-weight finals. Thomas Family Home

My Parents
The Thomas Family House
310 South Clark St.
Milledgeville, GA
Otis and Olivia Thomas, Owners

Historic Landmark
1895 to Present

The Annual Stay At Home Tea
Sallie E. Davis Club

The Beauty Of Death

Edward Ross Thomas

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