When is history a disambiguation

History is made everyday for tomorrow, the process, thinking and doing that goes into it. Those are skills of the hearts desire.

The best way to experience the history of America is through the eyes of those who lived it and until we get that one-sided story straight, we are going continue with the problems we ignore. Failing to properly document our history yeilds the same results as lying about who your parents are?

History should serve as a reminder that walls divide and bridges unite, let us build more bridges. Much of our history has been built upon violence, why not try something different? Only if we could get that into the minds of those in power.

A volunteer army, but not everyone can volunteer? A draft army, but everyone can be drafted? What does gender have to do with that? Are we building a wall or a bridge? Now, you understand why we are so depressed - like of common sense and respect. In our eyes, the truly great things of the world, have no value, but if you build the best rifle, fast car, you could end up with an aeroplane.

This is the moment to resolve in our hearts, giving hope and equality to our future.

Until we get our history straight, we will never know the hidden and unconscious true meaning of a symbolic representation. Help break the curse, the very information you have just might save a life....Start writing?

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