Homeless Atlanta Georgia

Art I am homeless too!

As told by Mr. Herman Sheffield, homeless on the streets of Atlanta

How can you feed and house the country, when you cannot feed and house those at your doorstep.

Is there really enough to go around?

Invisible people, people hitting on hard times for one reason or another and how we respond. When will the vicious cycle stop?

Please excuse me for not taking a photo but You Know.

As I set on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia waiting for my ride, I heard a homeless man begging a female passerby for food, which appeared to be scraps leftover from a previous meal. I saw her humbly share. After finishing his meal, I heard the homeless man say, "A closed mouth never gets fed".

I thought that to be very profound in the moment and acknowledged that. As long as a people keep their mouths shut, how can they take in food, how can they have a voice?

Then Mr. Sheffield asked me, What’s wrong with the Black Man and he continued with: I have been homeless off and on for more than 30 years. I do not deserve to be here because of what I have done, so there must be some kind of good in me.

What’s wrong with a Black Man? Have we lost our way? Have we been cursed? Why they do not help each other? Are we brained washed? Can we not share with ourselves, what we share with others, why not? Are we passed the point of no return?

Once upon a time, we used to help each other. The only people or power that can save us is OURSELVES?

There are some good people out here, but they are far and in between. Homeless people feel like they have been cut-off from society and they see no way out. There is no leadership and they have lost their way and the Black Man seems to be our worse enemy.

A man shall never doubt himself until he tries and Lord knows I have tried. Your own faith is the only thing that can take you through this world and when you lose that, life as we know it is through.

You must be comfortable in your own skin and you must like yourself before you can like anyone else. The person who can wear a smile is the person they really are. A happy person has less problems.

This article was shared by Mr. Herman Sheffield, Homeless in Atlanta, Georgia and published as promised by Art Thomas. Herman we know you are out there somewhere. I hope you find affordable housing. take care …Art

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State Capitol with Senator Donzella James

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