Homeless versus Empty Homes

Apart of the problem or Apart of the solution???

How smart and powerful are you really? Why is our homeless rate greater and growing at an alarming rate than our housing rate? Why do we have so many empty homes, yet even more people needing a home and even more being put out? With all the vacant homes available, why are they not more affordable? Land and property management!

Does it make sense to send a rocket to the moon when people all around us are suffering due to our own negligence and stupidity? Our arrogant, better than our own sisters and brother is destroying us? Christian and good productive citizens, why don't we want to recognize others as our sisters and brothers? Even though The Bible speaks to loving your neighbors and people..Tell a lie and Make them pay!

Why does the number of vacant homes in America significantly outnumber the number of homeless in America? Is it because they do not want a home? Is it because they cannot pay? Is it because we would rather have them sit there empty rather than offer to people in need?

Why should any human being be required to pay for something, we say is a human right? Why should any human deny rather than help? Do you see the attitude and mentality developing here? There’s nothing complicated about the dumb-ass-shit we do, except in our own minds. So what if they can’t pay, should you have paid? Where does the vicious cycle stop, how? The founding fathers didn’t pay and because of the way the went about it, we have been paying every since.

The Homeless versus Empty homes in America? What can we do? Have we lost control? Do we care? Why are we not free and organized in such a fashion as to fill empty and abandoned homes? Why do not we offer them to the Homeless? Not safe versus sleepy on the streets, under bridges, in alleys exposed to the elements and dangers. Is that what we want?

Do we really have control or do we just want to take advantage of each other? Why do we complain about mortgages, renters, do we like creating our own stress? Is it better to create a problem or fix the old ones?

What kind of people would tolerate such and injustice, be so cruel, inconsiderate, less caring as to want to have empty, abandoned, dilapidated housing yet refused to offer them to the homeless?

What kind of people takes pleasure in put you out your home than putting you in? What kind of people charge their own kids to live on the land? What we do to others is the same we do to ourselves.

What are we actually teaching? How can you fool others without first fooling yourself? Are you apart of the problem or the solution? Just how do you cut the costs without cutting the costs?

Poor Land, property and resource management, if you do not recognize the problem, how can you fix it?

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