Well, if you ever had any doubt as to what will happen in the after-life, you might want to read this.

Homeless is a term with which most of us are familiar. What we see and hear describes them as being more dead than alive. True or false, today's homeless are in better spiritual shape than the average person. Why? Because they have abstained from participating in all the unneccesary drama that we have created to live our lives. Remember, none are perfect.

Anyway, Homeless, our thoughts of today's homeless is the best way to life after death. Well, if it can happen to them, why can't it happen to you, according to the way we are living? Why do we think there are no consequences or we can cheat life and get away with it? The consequence of sin is death and we all are going to die, but what about the after-life? We are living to prosper aren't we? That is the object of all life forms, to live life and live it more abundantly. Why would not that be the same in the after-life? It is that way everywhere else isn't it? Think about it, the object of life?

So if we make ourselves homeless on earth, how will our evil spirits find a home. Too late now, your spirit is evil.

Today, how do hopeless people make us feel, how do we act? How do we react to them? How do we treat them? How do homeless people feel about people with homes? Do they think it is worth it?

Well those are the same reactions our evil souls will receive in the after-life, for being homeless and misbehaving.

Does two wrongs make a right? Then why don't we change how we treat ourselves and each other? Or do you expect you will slip by, nothing said?

What does it cost for your soul to forever wonder? Can you stand the pressure of never having a home? Could you stand it on earth? The headaches, heartbreaks, suffering and pain? We are hooked and the more we get the more we want and we are not trustworthy. Is a homeless life the kind of after-life for which you are preparing? If we screw up our lives on earth, how can we straithen that out in the after-life. death

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