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How Shit Happens

A Good Friend of Mine!

We both served in the Armed Forces, 20 years plus and retired. We hunt, fish and garden together. He is an avid gardner, loves plants, Mother Nature and all that is in Her. He has two beautiful children, one of whom is serving in the Air Force right now. You could not ask for a more decent human being.

Well today, my long time conrad and friend went to jail, for something we love to do and that's "grow plants". That's how something so harmless grew into a major event. By accident, we discovered both of us wanted to grow a marijauna plant, three little old plants. These three plants were one of the joys of our lives, two-good old boys, still kicking it. We were always eager to see who was the better and the most productive. We grow worms too and our enthusiasm is the same. We're not interested to sell nothing, that's how much we enjoyed smoking. Money was not the issue. Whiskey in the backyard, a joint in the backyard, that's it.

Somebody stole my friends auto, So his wife called the Police, and while taking a phone call, the officer walked around in back. Now he's busted and facing a serious offense, no matter how innocent we thought we were. That's how bullshit happens.

What if that had been you or me? What do they care? They don't care who it was. There is "no mercy" because you knew it when you planted it.

Just put the shoe on the other foot? Who do you have you could call and depend on to come get you out? Wake-up call!

I know you would not do anything like that, but if there is anyway you can understand, "WILL YOU PLEASE LET HIM OUT".

I know when someone means harm and when they don't. Do the courts or our system of justice? Or is it that cut and dried?

(((Tell the truth and shame the devil!)))

Zero Tolerance!


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