Human Market Place

The World Market Place, what's there that shouldn't be?

What about the likes of Martin Luther King? Is it because we failed in sharing? Why are you so inhibited? Is that why we as a people cannot get what we need, without paying our owners?

So, what exactly does your resume mean? How much do you cost? Is it your actual value? Why do you sell for less? Inferior, superior? What's your plan to escape the guns and ammunition? How do you get on the market?

Why is this buying and selling of human beings still going on? Didn’t we learn? What if the lions sold other lions, deer, other deer?

It’s multi-billion dollar industry encompassing hundreds of thousands suppliers selling hundreds of thousands products and services; including people and love ... why? Why do we complicate life so? It’s a highly competitive and fragmented market poised for collapse and living a life so incomplete. How does one succeed like that and we must survive.

Unity is the answer, it peace and harmony – love. Everything has it’s value, but why people? Why would I sell one person to another, knowing the consequences? Some people just don’t give-a-damn, they would sell their own mother, grand parents just to get a hit of crack. Then, there the question of, what will you sell next?

How does the guilty know? Human resources, how do you understand and practice them, when you are only concerned about your own rights?

Human resources is responsible for all the practices and processes that impact our most important asset - People. And while admittedly there are many ways of categorizing human resources, the most important is what we are led to believe. How can we be so easily misled?

The simplest and most logical method is to organize, but why do we refuse, yet we will join? Why procrastinate?

You must have the courage and forsight to grow your own?

What's Brave? You cannot sell what you do not own, so why would you attempt to sell your or another soul? Remember the Indian Culture, a Brave. A Brave is to the land as foot soldier is to an Army. He who controls the land control the resources.

What is your concept of all this, are we just consumers/users? Do you know the need to replenish? Why always taking and never giving???

I love you too!

(((your inner

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