Human Picture

Are you in it or in a picture all alone?

Does the act of starvation concern you at all? Is it a crime to starve a person to death? What are you doing when you standing there watching, acting like you don't see nothing.

You can predict all kinds of trends, family planning, big business, oil, tv.... We can effectively fight a war on Global terrorism, but you cannot see pass the end of your nose. And if you can, then "Lord have mercy". It's closer than you think.

I write for HEALING and I’m learning.

It was good to see Glen Campbell today. Just to be a little different and inspiring.

Sometimes you don’t see all the “human picture”. All you remember is the last thing you heard and saw. Was it good or was it bad? Did you know the difference, do you?

Is this the future for a dangerous society? How can you do something about it, if you don’t recognize?

Hunger in America This holiday season 2011, 49,000,000 (million) Americans do not know where their next meal will come from.

Guess you say, “oh well”, “whatever”, “there’s nothing I can do”, now you know the problem. But the next time the Star Spangled Banner is played, you’ll probably be its most patriotic supporter, while sitting at the game or in front of a tv chugging beers. Racing! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! What happens when you lose that?

Is your pictured colored, a good and accurate representation of what's really in front of the camera?

You are a future danger to your own society. Your own People are literal starving and begging for help, while you turn up the stereo to drown them out. Win, lose or draw, how does your favorite professional sports team prosper you? What do you get from the game?

Do you learn how to be a team player, come home and implement or do you just want more winning spirit magic? To feel like you have accomplished something important - immediate gratification?

See a bigger picture, be concerned about why isn't everyone present at the table and help all those in need. That's the real mission my friend whether you choose to accept or not!

Not just those who pay you, what human about that? Not just the ones who open their legs to you or the ones you like. Grow up, mature, take on a sense of responsibility, greater than yourself - economic and social decline.

What am I saying about the big pic? Why is it at all important - Because I want to see my country win, not for play but in "real life. NOt just on a football field, when we're losing the battle at home. What good is that? How long will that last?

That's how this country was built. We worked, eat, played and relaxed together and no, it was all that good, but today, we can make that better.

A team player, do you actually believe things are getting better as we speak or worse in the streets? Jobs, business, homes, food...

There's plenty of work to be done on the home front if you want it to survive. Do you need to be told what to do?

A wish for every nation: "May yo merry bells keep ringing and yo every wish come true".

(((your inner

Legends to Greats!

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