Think about it?

I pray I get enough to help as many as I can. - Legends to Greats

It is what it is or it is what it ain't? We just a good business people and that's because we ain't good social people?

What do you want to be? And the biggest thing to that is WHY?

There are some things that cause “most people” to settle for less. There are some things that cause “most people” to take the leap of faith, only to learn they have JUST jumped head first in a big pile of shit. Then you have “people in high places” making it rough for us to make it easier for them. You're damned no matter how you go.

How can I be happy about you getting an award? how is that going to help me? Why should I turn the tv on.

I mean before most Presidents, I didn't listen to them, hello. It's kind of hard to explain but I hope you can see the picture. Jealousy, Envy, it's flying like hell.

Have you ever had two children and you buy one something and then you turn the other and give them a sad ass story. It just doesn't work and you can't get away from that principle. Cain and Abel and that's what we are today.

Like the plantation boss mentality: How can you be more productive by treating your people bad? But when you’re talking about legends and greats, who would not want to be on that list?

I think about myself, being regular old housewife, I wonder if my wife would encourage me? Or would she encourage me to be and do “the SOS?

Can we dream together or is it just what you see? Is that hard to beat? Because you smoke, drink and curse does that make you any less of a man than me?

Why do we act like that? Why phony? Why can’t we just meet each other the way we are? Why must I have nothing and you everything? Why me always beholding unto you? Will you ever share? Why is always about money, instead of character?

I just think about, you know our celebrities/leaders/most influenial and what I read about most of them - $5 million dollars when I ain't got shit. When you ain’t got shit, you think about shit like that. And when the publicize your broke ass what do you think I'm going to feel? What about a $58 million dollar yacht and keeping it to yourself? Then when you "fuck up" and I see your monkey ass crying and begging to Nike, what do you think I'm going to feel? Your wife should have left your dumb ass. You are a fake.

Or is it, you're just catering or fronting for rich folk, where you do not belong? Now, do you see what I mean? Do you understand why that mentality?

Mafia Style? You pick up a stick and I’ll give you a quarter. And you wonder about our economy and social decline?

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure it out, a family not working together. People who only suck? They get a lot, but give very little, because that is our practice. You don’t expect a man to give everything away, but give according to how you were given. Is that where the phoniness comes in? Hungry, do you think I give a rats ass about how good you sing? What does it prosper me you hitting 5000 homeruns? How does it prosper me you became the Secretary of State. Put your money where your mouth is.

When you collect your check do you give a rats ass about how poor I am? Think about it and it’s not everybody, but it is our practice.

When you ain’t got shit, don’t expect shit and that is why so many people commit crimes. They know they ain’t going to get a damn thing, unless they steal it.

Look how long we worked in them rich folk houses and we’re just as poor today as we were then and much less appreciated, no matter how loyal we were. As a matter of fact, the more loyal and honest Black folk were, the worse they were treated.

The World's Highest Incarceration Rate Do you reckon that supersedes how great we think we are?

What if I had a magic wan or more appropriately, a stick and just took away all your financial success, would you keep acting a fool? Would you learn how to count your own damn money and say, “Hey, I can live high on the hog with $10 million dollars for the rest of my life, why don’t I just start me a little neighborhood? Call it 'helping hands'?"

We don’t see a we, it all about me. We look at them African people like they ain’t go no sense. We watch the Latinos, East Indians and the list goes on. Ousourcing, stock market, everywhere but our own backyards. That's why we have this don't give a shit attitude.

We wonder in AWE how do they do it? Not one corportation, but stores, hotels, restuarants, everything we need. But you just can't shop by no black business, they'll get you every time.

Then we talk about them damned Nigerians. Where is our respect in the business community? Why can't "we" get there, - Self-sufficient that is?

It doesn't have to be all black, but damn come on? You can play, but you can't run a damn thing. Just try it? Why weren't you and still aren't helping New Orleans? Which state has the highest crime rate? The World's Highest Incarceration Rate

Even though we know, we just can’t bring ourselves to take the first step of “helping our own selves out”. That’s almost forbidden. It’s true and if it has not changed may still be against the law. That is how we were raised and it’s hard to get over. We don’t want to admit so we take our money to our worse enemy. That is your best choice.

We know it, we just can’t manage our monies. Why do you think we ain’t got no banks? Forbidden? Major Corporations – forbidden. About all we have is crime ridden communities and we’re taught to run from that?

How long does it take for a people to learn “what’s really going on”? Why are we constantly tearing each other down? I know sometimes, I am guilty, but think about what I am saying? How long does it take to turn an economy around, how?innovators and pioneers - Explode our idea of what living should be?

Practice - Live it, allowing it to flow through you, making it effortless?

I suppose the question is what person has the biggest influence on their audience.

I don’t know, you can be great for one minute and the lowest man the next. Legends and greats take it to the grave with them. I know it has nothing to do with speed, brains, muscles, as much as it does passion.

I think the words “up above” are enough to describe what it takes to get there and I challenge more people to take the leap of faith. A cut above!

(((your inner

The human picture

The World's Highest Incarceration Rate

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