Why do people fight


Is it because we're out of control? Did we lose something we cannot regain?

An age old question but never an answer to stop. Instead, there's just more reason to fight.

Home: At home partners fight because they're hurt.

The closer you grow in love, the more vulnerable you become to being hurt.

We say friendship and love doesn't hurt but that is a lie. The difference is "how much you can hurt each other".

Once you lose the ability to reason and use logic, you are through. Nobody is listening.

People fight for for dominance and control, and people love for the same reasons. Simply put: the pecking order. Crazy isn't it, but true!

Are there more humane ways of accomplishing this? Yes there is but we do not listen.

Once we get our minds made up, it damn near impossible to change. I look at that lady in agriculture, Shirley Sherrod. Google her. It just didn't make any sense what was done to her in vain. But that is a good example of our true nature - Ready, fire, then aim.

What's the difference between people LYING, CHEATING, KILLING and ATHEISTS?

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