Free Thinker, Atheist OR Hypocrite


These are some of the choices we try to "force" people to make, but the choice is already made.

Welcome--- Imagine by your choice, you have joined the ranks of The Christians, Atheists, Free Thinkers, Hypocrites, which would you rather leave your faith to?

Remember it was your choice, but not really.

I will help make your stay as comfortable as possible by first introducing you to a quote from Madalyn Murray O’Hair “An Atheist loves himself and his fellowman instead of a god. An Atheist knows that heaven is something for which we should work now -- here on earth -- for all men together to enjoy...” - Madalyn Murray O’Hair

To me, it doesn’t sound too bad, except that one phrase, “instead of a god”. It is much better than what I've heard from White Christians supporting Indian wars and slavery.

Well, after reading a bit about her, in my opinion her actions and intentions were all good. She was very clear on the separation between church and state and with what’s going on today — just may be she has a point that is, by default, coming in to be.

Huber Henry Harrison, Marcus Garvey and it appears to me that Asa Phillip Randolph might have crossed these tracks.

After reading a bit about these guys, my mind tells me there are plenty more, they just don't show it. That anybody who may have stood for poverty, the hungry, sick and less fortunate might have crossed these tracks.

Any how, I refuse to believe in something or anything that abuses or tolerates the abuse of anything in Mother Nature. I think they are very dangerous and Christians fall into this category. I am Christian, but I do my level best not to be like most of the Christians I know. I just don't follow because they say so. I do not take the Bible because they say so. I do not hate others because they say so.

To Not believe is just as dangerous.

Why not be free to believe in “whatever” it is that makes you happy, peaceful and prosperous - From Africa to America, let Freedom Ring? Who gives a shit about what people do or don't believe as long as they are decent Human Beings. That's more than I can say, for many of them "self-righteous low down Ass Americans". America, the land where Rich people live on one side of town and "Poor" people another.

America, the land of beauty until now?

Somehow, I think we do but do not openly and honestly admit it.

I rather take my chance with a Salvage Native American than one of them sorry ass, so called immigrants who destroyed everything.

We all are different and our needs change as we grow through life. Fear and Fear of Change, to me, stunts growth and that is why so much hatred exist in American - denial.

Whatever you believe, leave room for healthy growth through education and change.

We do!!! Enjoy your-inner-voice.

Meet others people who, in my opinion, views, behavior and actions, at some point and time, may have crossed these tracks.

(((your inner

Why do people fight?

Marcus Garvey


Man Know Thy Self

Educating Global Citizens

any Black person who accepted Christianity was either ignorant or crazy

The slave masters may have been largely Christian, but many of the slave traders were Muslims, apparently not deterred by their faith. he would rather not go to Heaven if it operated under the Jim Crow system, and, note that the only spiritual creature ever depicted as non-White was Satan, that perhaps he would be more comfortable in Hell.



A Phillip Randolph

Just may be

See a host of possible others these were also or was it just a moment in time?

Huber Henry Harris

Hubert Henry Harrison

Council for Secular Humanism

John G. Jackson



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