The word "I", eliminate it from your thinking and here's why?

Never mind your volcabulary, just if you could only eliminate the word "I" from your thinking, the world would be a much better place to live! Sounds interesting enough and "" am happy he said thinking. Going back and deleting all those 'I's. Now, I have removed the word "pride/proud" and it not too bad, but the word I? How do you ask for anything?

Let's try it? "" want a farm, a boat, truck, repairs? "" am hungry, thirsty, hot, tired? You see that is going to be a very big challenge to me. Doesn’t mean literally does it? "" have a headache? As long as our thinking is out of concern for the rest of them. On who can I depend when I get sick?

We are not being asked to put down our weapons, just in your thinking, eliminate the word "I".

If one can eliminate the “I” from one’s thinking and realize that whatever one achieves is due to a higher power, it can help in keeping one’s feet firmly planted on the ground. As is often said, kneeling keeps us in good standing. Dealing with success is often more dangerous than dealing with failure. Failure makes one cautious and persevering, success can make one inattentive and slack. --- Ashwin Sanghi

You like fiction that sounds like fact and fact that sounds like fiction? The problem with the purists is that they have their own definitions mixed up.

In India, the oral tradition has been stronger than the written one and we all know that oral traditions are a bit like Chinese whispers—the statement that comes out at the end of the chain is rarely what it started out as. We also know that history is simply the victor’s version of events. In view of this, to what extent should one believe history?

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Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.

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