Famine of hearing Words

Famine of the word, How will it come and when will it get here?

If there is anyone or anyone people to which America owes its allegiance, it is to the American Indians. Now, that should say something abour the Pledge of Allegiance? We talk a lot of shit when we have the upper hand. Why make it a secret, sing about it? Put the words in song? What books were they reading?

You know people, Americans get a lot judgemental when you talk about their bibles. Now, they can tell you a hundred ways why whatever you are doing is wrong, but if you try and tell them one thing they just get upset? Start losing it? Even though they do not practice the shit anyway? We are still explaining thou should NOT kill.

A sense and level of caring- real knowledge and power? Just what can you do? What happens when you refuse to share power? Are people haunted by their own words?

Real power has nothing to do with money? No matter how much or little, the question is, How stable are you? When you get upset, what is the first thing you do? Is it to stop communicating or go to war? Is that natural?

People today are suffering more than ever before and the cause is self-inflcted. However, the solution is nothing like what we think?

This solution is simple, no money and readily available to any of us willing? It will immediately dissolve, resolve, solve your problems. Until, our suffering will be in vain.

People are suffering, starving to death for the human attention and touch, we refuse to give. You can see them all around you, there is no life in their eyes, no joy or happiness in their hearts, just pain, misery, sorrow, loss, no desire to make it one more day, give it that extra effort.

What am I to hang on to? For those who may suggest I put myself above you, I will be the first to tell you, I am a nobody. I am not trying to tell anybody anything. I am just a nurturing person (man) who enjoys sharing with my people who enjoy listening. Ain't that powerful? Consequently, together we may be better able to negotiate these obstacles and help all of mankind. Is that wise or what? No weapon formed against me...

Most do not have the courage, wisdom, knowledge, will lie, are too s-e-l-f-i-s-h, totally selfish and self absorb, totally, totally, totally with SELF? They think they have everything under control, not figured out; but under control and that is the way they live? Generational curses! They cannot see from the end of their nose to the bottom of their chin. Reminds me of some of the little projects I have.

We are all that way most of the time, A Sad state of affairs! So why will not we tell the truth?

The fact that you care, if you cared what would you do? Would you lie to yourself? Or would you look around and see those close to you suffering, in need, falling like flies for the lack of knowledge. Would you be willing, ready and able to help?

You would step out of your box and extend yourself to those people, one at a time. That is the only way we will make it. This is how you best serve your fellow man and master. This is how you please. This is how you are pleasing. You would be the hero/shero you think you are. What is the difference between friendly and foe? What about action heroes?

But can you afford not to care? Freedom wills power! How long will it take you to get back on track?

What about the written word?

(((your inner voice.com)))

The wisdom of an ant?

Perishing a People!

Will Power

Abuse of Power

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