I Can Do Bad By Myself

Success at Work and Home

When you have allowed things to go awry in your relationships, this phrase sounds very amusing, and the movie is awesome; but if you find yourself having to use that phrase, you might want to recheck yourself. There is probably nothing further from the truth. I think that statement has more to do with the prerogative of ownership.

Andrew Carnegie said, "It marks a big step in your development, when you realize that other people can help you do a better job than you can do by yourself." I Can Do Bad By Myself, I beg to differ and suggest, you can do nothing by yourself. For survival as a whole, we need each other, whether you think we do or not. When you live that way, you start your relationships out that way and not one day goes by without appreciating the efforts of your help mates.

The problems occur when we get lazy, when we let our guards down and start assuming. I saw this sign the other day, Success at work does not replace success at home. We put so much effort in being successful in the work place and so little effort in being successful in the home place.

God ask us to combine our talents and dreams. This takes courage and humility and when we get married or become partners, this is what happens. When we work smart at that, look what happens.

I need and invite you to come and work with me and we become a partner in each others dreams, will you do that? I thank God for every remembrance of you..for your fellowship from the first day until now.

Success at Work and Home

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