I Hate My Work

I guess you say, I’ve got too much time on my hands, but I would respond by saying, “I am only trying to get somewhere" and disregard the word: “trying”.

What are you really saying when you say things like: “I hate house work”, “I hate cleaning”, I hate cooking”, “I hate yard work”? I’m talking about people who are suppose to be professionals, people who are in key positions and influence the lives of others. I’m talking about daily tasks that must be performed. Normally, I would say, “get another job”, but these are people talking about their work at home, so now, I know their work attitude. You would carry the same negativity there.

Most would respond by saying it was just a figure of speech, I didn’t mean it that way or I am just so tired. But I ask you, what are you really saying?

A person who complains about the work they must do, is a disgrutled person. Have you ever overheard a conversation like that? All it takes is one to get it started, then the next person starts to talk about “what they hate” and the conversation goes on and on about things people hate. People can have a great attitude about all the menial tasks they perform at work, but what kind of attitude do they have about their work at home? If you have two different attitudes, what does that make you? What about life? Can you have a great attitude towards your job and a bad attitude towards life? Is it because you are getting paid? Is money your incentive? Look at how much time is wasted talking about something that will not change a thing. Even one breath is too much. Time is money.

Sugar coating things, why make lame excuses? I like to learn and make myself better. I welcome any opportunity to help do that for my life and the lives of those around me. First I would say be much more careful about the words you choose to say — hate? Hate is a very strong, cruel and negative word, why would you use it to describe the things you need to do, like your work? It’s toxic and poisons the minds of those around you.

Who’s house is it? Most people want to live in a nice, safe, secure and healthy home/neighborhood. That requires work and good efforts on behalf of everyone. Teamwork makes good neighbors. Don’t you want your neighborhood to be alert, clean and organized? Don’t you want your neighbors to help keep it that way? Who has to eat? Why not be the best at whatever it is you have to do and that includes your attitude? Home is where it all starts. It all starts in your home.

Relationships? Why would you let your partner know you “hate your work”? What do you do when they start telling you about all the things they hate? How does that inspire and encourage you? There are so many more positive words and ways to accomplish a daunting task. Why not do it together?

People close to you hear what you say and their attitudes are influenced--your children, your spouse or love ones. How does it sound when you hear one of them say they hate something or someone? And you wonder why there is so much prejudice in this world? Now you know why they hate. Now you know why they do not want to do their work around the house. It is the message you are sending.

It’s all about attitude and from listening to you, you have a very bad attitude when it comes to your duties, and that is the fastest way to destroy any loving home, relationship or community, nothing spreads faster. How can you afford to hate anything?

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

Your work is not about impressing people, your work represents you. People know you by your work. Don’t you want people to appreciate your hard work and effort, no matter how menial the task? Don’t you want to make a nice contribution to the good of all mankind? If you do not have a passion for your work, your job only going to get harder.

Develop a passion for the things you need to do. Share it. Make work fun and enjoy life. Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.

Do you know everything is about love?

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