I thank God

I thank my parents for teaching me my faith, how to believe and keep my faith. That when the chips are down, how to abstain, how to sacrifice, how to hold on, how to let go, and above all do not worry. That hope is the light at the end of my tunnel and no matter how dire my circumstances, all I need to do is “keep going”.

That it is during my toughest times, my so called family and friends will let me down and it is then, I can clearly understand who I can depend on. Once I grab on, at that point to hold on and never let go. To know it is only Him that can deliver me from this mess I am in.

I thank Him for the wisdom to realize that and not further to take matters into my own hands. Nothing good comes without smart work and sacrifice. I thank God for including me.

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Sometimes you just do not know?

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